Box with three small nougat bars vacuum packed: one of roasted yolk, one of fine Jijona and one of Alicante.Ideal to give or taste.Possibility of choosing flavor according to catalog. Tell us when confirming the order.

Content: -1 bar of Alicante of 300g approx. -1 330g terronico bar approx. -1 bar of 300g granulated Jijona approx. -1 300g toasted yolk bar approx. -1 chocolate bar with milk and almonds of approx. 300g. -7 stone...

Content: -1 Catalan chocolate bar with milk and almonds. -1 fine Jijona Catalan bar. -1 Catalan toasted yolk bar. -1 bag of 160g varied candied. -4 powders. -1 bottle of Gramona Allegro cava Continent: -Wooden...

Content: -1 Catalan coconut bar. -1 Catalan toasted yolk bar. -1 Catalan bar in Alicante. -1 Catalan bar of cherries to cognac. -1 Catalan bar of Granulated Jijona. -1 bag of 320g as varied candied. -8 stone nougat...
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