Nougat fine Jijona

Fine Jijona Nougat Artisan

  • Barra catalana (750g. aprox.)
  • Barra pequeña (310g aprox.)
  • Stick (125gr.)

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Typical nougat of fine and soft texture D.O. Jijona and Alicante, elaborated with Marcona Almond and Rosemary Honey 100% natural. Finest Quality.


The original one. The favourite nougat of the most exquisite gourmets that know how to eat it: slowly, tasting and discerning between the fine rosemary honey and the Marcona toasted almonds. A nougat that feeds the soul. Suitable only accompanied by a good conversation and, if you like, a good drop of sweet wine or some aromatic coffee.

If you want to add more delicacies, you can make plenty of very tasty recipes. Have a look at our Facebook: 22/5/2014, 8/6/2013, 8/5/2013, 27/4/2013, 17/4/2013, 11/1/2013.

Available in three formats: big bar, small bar and as a portion inside the 7 Portion Box. Furthermore, it’s suitable for gluten, cow milk, soy and sulphites intolerants.

Ingredients: toasted almond, honey, sugar, egg albumin.


It is also the favourite nougat for the elderly people because they are the most learned and experienced. They love genuine, original things. 

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