Turrón artesano blando de Jijona granulado

Artisan Granulated Jijona Soft Nougat

  • Barra catalana (750g. aprox.)

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Typical Artisan Granulated Jijona Soft Nougat. D.O. Jijona and Alicante, elaborated with Marcona Almond and Rosemary Honey. Finest Quality. 100% natural.


It is the nougat par excellence. It is the identity stamp of our Christmas. Along with La Rioja wine, it was one of the first products that achieved the Protected D.O., due to the fact the neighbouring countries were competing for its production.

There are over a thousand ways to eat it: as a dessert, as an ingredient for salty dishes and even with bread for the breakfast. The purity and the Finest Quality of its ingredients allow us to state that it is a suitable product for cow milk, gluten, sulphites and soy intolerants. Furthermore, it is 100% natural, due to it doesn’t contain additives of any class.

You can purchase it in three formats: big bar (750g approx.), small bar (310g approx.) or as a portion inside the 7 Portion Box. In any case, you will always get it right with this nougat, because our experience of nearly 130 years shows us that it’s the most successful product among young and elderly people. Even children love it!

What makes it so special? Is it its crunchy and soft texture? Or is it its balance between the fine Rosemary Honey and Marcona toasted Almonds? I think the reason lies in its double etymology: “torrar” (toast) and “terra” (land). It is a small piece of the fruits of our land toasted by the sun and the kindness of our people.

Ingredients: almond, honey, sugar and egg albumin.

Again, suitable for cow milk, gluten, sulphites and soy intolerants.

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